Roof Ventilation Services in Katy, TX

Let Your Roof Breathe

Many homes (even new construction!) have insufficient ventilation on their roofs. This can lead to a multitude of different problems, including higher utility bills and, ultimately, compromising the integrity of your roof. Plus, poor or nonexistent roof ventilation can cause damage to your shingles and lead to buildups of condensation, mold, or mildew. As you can see, there are a number of reasons it’s crucial to ensure your roof has proper ventilation.

If you feel that your house isn’t cooling properly, insufficient roof ventilation might be the culprit. Call us today to get a free assessment and estimate. We’ll calculate the needed ventilation for your home. We can add, remove, or replace accessories on your current ventilation system to ensure that your roof ventilation is working properly.

At Mission Roofing, we believe that everyone deserves a good roof – and that means a roof that can breathe properly. To extend the life of your roof, reduce energy costs, and protect your shingles, give us a call today. Let us help your roof breathe!

Roof Ventilation Types

Ridge Vent

Ridge vents are air exhaust vents that are installed on the peaks of your roof. They help provide continuous, uniform exhaust ventilation at the highest level of your attic. Plus, they’re designed to resist wind-driven rain and snow as well as infiltration by pests or debris.

As the air in your attic heats up, convection helps push the air to the peak of the roof, where it can escape the ridge vents. This type of system is known as a “passive system” because it doesn’t require any energy to function properly. That makes it a highly efficient way to ventilate your attic.

Roof Louver Static Vent

The slant-back design of roof louver static vents is an excellent choice when your biggest concern is protecting against weather infiltration. It’s best put to use in steep-slope applications, and it’s made to resist the elements effectively and efficiently – there’s no need for an electrical hookup to run this vent. At Mission Roofing, we have decades of experience installing roof louver static vents – when your roof needs ventilation, give us a call!

Power Attic Vent

For a little bit more power, you might want to consider a power attic vent. It expels large amounts of heat and moisture from the attic, but it does require an electric installation. Still, it comes with a more affordable upfront price tag than a solar-powered vent. When you call us to diagnose your roof ventilation issues, we can help advise you on which type of ventilation is the right solution for your needs.

Solar-Powered Vent

These efficient vents are great for attics that require large quantities of exhaust ventilation – especially when you have limited ridge area. Plus, they harness renewable energy to reduce the electricity costs often associated with operating a fully electricity-powered vent. It has a higher upfront cost associated with the initial installation, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

Turbine Vent

This efficient model uses the power of the wind to pull heat and moisture out of your attic. Its size allows heat and moisture-laden air to escape from the confines of your attic, helping extend the life of your roof in the long run.

Proper ventilation will extend the life of your roof, reduce energy costs, and prevent your shingles from cracking or developing algae. Let us help your roof breathe!