About Us

Our Mission

At Mission Roofing, customer service is our highest priority. We understand that many of our clients have had stressful experiences dealing with contractors in the past. But we’re different from the rest of the crowd. We are committed to making your experience working with us as transparent, communicative, comfortable, and smooth as it can possibly be.

We know that your roof is a vital part of your home, and we will treat it with the care and respect that it deserves. That’s why our team at Mission Roofing installs only the best materials on the market. You deserve the best, and we’re here to provide it. We never cut corners – our technicians have decades of industry experience, so that they can tailor your roofing solutions to your unique needs.

Roofs are essential parts of our homes and businesses. They keep us safe from the elements, pests, pollutants, and so much more. So if your roof has suffered damage, it’s crucial to give it only the best treatment. At Mission Roofing, we’ll help restore your roof to its former glory. You’ll be safe and sound in no time with a top-quality roof over your head.

When you need a roof, call Mission Roofing. We’re Texas and Louisiana’s go-to provider for roofing repair and replacement services. We’re committed to keeping you covered, but our mission doesn’t end there…

Giving Back to Our Community

At Mission Roofing, we strongly believe in supporting and giving back to the community around us. That’s why we’ve adopted our favorite saying: Everyone deserves a good roof. And that includes our canine companions. We donate a portion of our profits to local dog shelters and local rescue nonprofit organizations. Man’s best friend needs a good roof, too! So when you choose Mission Roofing for your home repair project, you’re not just investing in a strong, solid roof that will last for years to come. You’re also helping animals in need in your local area.

Roofing is our priority, but as a company with a heart, our mission doesn’t end there. We want to help everyone we can, including the animals in our communities who need our support. As a locally owned and operated business, we’re dedicated to making a difference in the Texas and Louisiana areas, where we provide top-tier roofing services. Our commitment to helping man’s best friend is just one way of doing so.